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    Birthday 2021 Project and the Treevolution

    Hi Qute and Quirky friends~~

    It's been so long since I've written a blog post...I guess I have been putting it off mostly because we were unsure of what content to put out there and if it would add value to the lives of others. I can't guarantee I will be writing more frequently but it should definitely be more than once a year. 

    So for this post we have a special announcement or goal to share.

    It's May which so happens to be my birthday month~

    Like most years, when it comes to birthdays I become really reflective and think (more than usual) about how we can improve to be better versions of ourselves for ourselves, our friends and family and our community.

    This year, we are joining the Treevolution.
    We are aiming to sponsor the planting of 28 additional trees and will be selling Tony Moly hand creams (peach or apple scents) to do so.
    All proceeds from the sale of the hand creams will be donated to Greenpop for the planting of trees. (Link we will be using to donate: \

    Tony Moly hand creams are available in 2 scents being Apple and Peach.
    They are super moisturising and nourishing making it perfect for winter. Also, the are scented exactly like the fruit they are packaged as…super cute and an absolute favourite~

    So if you are interested in supporting the birthday project and the cause, please add a hand cream to your cart on your next purchase:)
    Hand creams can be purchased here:

    Thank you for the ongoing support and trusting us with your kpop purchases~ 
    It's been amazing to see the Kpop community grow in South Africa~

    Until next time~

    Please keep healthy and stay safe <3