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    About Fei

    I’m Fei, your cute and quirky South African Asian. (Yep, that pretty much sums it up…)

    I would like to bring Asian stationery (the kind you can’t find in SA) and other cute novelties to SA customers~ Once you get to know me by reading my blog, you will soon realise what a huge Kpop fan I am.

    However being a Kpop fan in SA is difficult but I wanted to make it a bit better for other Kpop fans in SA – by making the purchasing of Kpop CDs and merchandise a whole lot easier :) That’s why I sell Kpop CDs which are directly imported from Korea (so no more Post Office hassles or being surprised with customs and taxes- because I have you covered!).

    Qute & Quirky

    “Qute and Quirky” is basically a brand that has stuck with me and with it I have created my online blog and online shop. Think of it as my very own little personal shop where I get to share all my favourite things with you.

    Like I said, Qute and Quirky is a personal blog and store, so below are 10 random facts about me:

    1. I’m considered to be an SABC. No, not the broadcasting company but rather, South African Born Chinese.

    2. That being said, I do not play any musical instruments.

    3. I LOVE K-Pop which has manifested to K-drama, K-variety, K-food (yep, pretty much K-everything).

    4. I LOVE stationery too! (the kind that you really don’t get in SA though :/)

    5. Oh another thing that I love lots! Ice-cream~~~ but who doesn’t?

    6. I can speak 4 languages being English, Afrikaans, Mandarin and Cantonese~ I’m planning on learning a few more in my life time~

    7. I am training towards becoming a CA(SA). Hwaiting Hwaiting!

    8. I want to visit Korea (ALWAYS)… ^^ must be the love for K-everything ^^ 9. I really would like to make travelling a hobby~

    10. But most importantly, with whatever I do, I want to be happy, genuinely-heart-warmingly happy <3