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    BTS - BE (Essential Edition)

      preorder_end: 1613685600
      current_date: 1656738692
      variant: Sealed Album
      inventory: 1
      variant: Unsealed photocard pooling album
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    Product Description

    Sale end Date: 30 January 2021
    Release Date: 19 February 2021

    BTS is back with their new essential BE album and it's going to be amazing!

    As requested, we want to try something new this comeback:)

    Firstly, we are having a pre-order sale for all albums purchased before 30 January 2021!

    Secondly, we are going to try photocard pooling for this comeback.
    What is photocard pooling?
    a. Basically we will open all albums in the orders which selected the option.
    b. Then we will "pool" / gather all the photocards together and try our utmost best to sort them according to preferences.
    c. Thereafter, we will insert all the contents, including the photocard back into the album case and send you the new (but unsealed due to photocard pooling) album :)

    Why would you want to choose the photocard pooling option?
    a. You have a higher chance of getting the photocard that you want.
    b. But this only works when there is a lot of orders and we are trying it for the first time with this comeback.

    How to participate in the photocard pooling?
    a. Select the "photocard pooling" option upon purchase.
    b. Send us your list of photocard preferences ranked from 1 to 7 at checkout.
    (Please rank all 7 or else we will send you a random photocard).

    a. If you are selecting the photocard pooling option, then you will be receiving a new (but UNSEALED) album.
    b. We can't guarantee to send you your highest preference but we will sort from highest to lowest and refunds will not be accepted if you do not get your preferred photocard.
    c. Photocards will be allocated on a first come and first serve basis (therefore older orders will take preference)
    c. As we said, this only works if a lot of people participate so please be aware of this.