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    Lisa - 1st Single Album - LALISA

    Kindly note that the price listed is for a single unit of an album, unless denoted with the word "[SET]"

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    Product Description

    Release date: 10 September 2021

    - BLACK ver. / GOLD ver.
    - Package Box Size : 177*257*34
    - Photo Book : 88p
    - Lyrics Paper : 1ea
    - Photo card : Random 1 out of 4ea
    - Polaroid : Random 1 out of 4ea

    Pre-order Benefit:
    - Double Sided Poster : 1ea / First Press Only
    - Random Rare Gold Photo Card : Random 1 out of 4ea / First Press Only
    - Rare Golden Ticket : 1ea / Only 50ea

    It is a special ticket that is randomly inserted into only 50 limited quantities of the initial production albums and will provide special benefits to those who purchased the album containing the golden tickets. Please look forward to it.
    *Pre-order benefit will be given according to availability.