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    MINO - 2nd Full Album - Take

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    Product Description

    Release Date: 4 November 2020

    - Plastic Bag : 185 x 240 x 12mm

    - PVC Cover Photobook + Paper Band + Rubber Band : 116p

    - Lyrics Book : 20p

    - CD

    - Photocard : Random 1 out of 10

    - Sticker

    - Layered Poster Set : 3EA 1SET / 1st Press Only


    CD 1

    01.Love and a boy

    02.도망가_Run away

    03.Ok man (Feat. BOBBY)

    04.Wa (Feat. Zion.T)

    05.하고싶어_I want to (Feat. meenoi)


    07.어부바_ Hop in (Feat. DPR LIVE)


    09.Click / Han river view

    10.교보문고_Book store (Feat. BewhY)


    12.이유 없는 상실감에 대하여_Lost in a crowd

    Please note that this album is not for sale to those under 19 years old.