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    SBS Drama O.S.T My Demon (마이데몬) (Tarot Card Ver.) USB

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    Product Description

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    The outer case/box is simply for protecting the goods.
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    - Album : 160 x 130 x 30mm
    - Tarot Photocard : 70EA
    - Accordion Card (Lyric & Credit)
    - OST USB Card
    - Tarot Pad
    - Poster

    Release Date

    22 February 2024

    Track List

    DISK(USB Memory) 1.

    01.우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다
    02.그대가 있는 곳, 언제 어디든
    03.With You
    04.우리 사라져도
    05.그대라는 봄
    07.방법 (The way to lose you)
    08.The way to lose you
    09.오늘이 마지막인 것처럼
    10.방법 (Special Track)
    11.Return To My Home
    12.Don_t Know
    13.Here To Lean On
    14.Fresh Breeze
    15.Acoustic Love
    16.Feeling Alive
    17.Bip Kiddo
    18.Mini Bean
    20.A Loser Passing by
    22.Find An Emergency Exit
    23.Through the Moonlight
    24.La Firma
    26.Letter Left Behind
    27.Black Sword
    28.Cat Footprint
    29.A Timid Revenge
    31.Endless Suffer
    32.Little Pleasure
    33.Who Gonna Talk First
    36.Joy of Journey
    37.Pierrot smiling at me
    38.Demon Comic(Daemon Comic SUS)
    39.Demon Is Comeback
    40.Over My Head
    41.Dark Face
    42.Maybe I Will
    43.Sponge Boy
    44.Love Heart
    46.Run to the End
    48.Bright romance
    49.Make a dream with you
    50.Romance Blue
    51.Lemon Demon
    52.Fall In Love (사랑에 빠진다는건)
    53.Sea In The Eyes (Guitar Story)
    54.Fantastic Majic Mirror
    55.For You And You
    56.It Is Your Mistake
    57.Sudden Rush
    58.Sea In The Eyes
    59.The Ways To Exit
    60.Miracle Gate
    62.Smile of Witch
    63.Touching heart
    64.White Glass Room

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