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    SEVENTEEN - 1st Album Repackage [LOVE & LETTER]

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    Product Description

    Please note:
    The outer case/box is simply for protecting the goods.
    (Damages such as scratches or discolouration on the album case/box cannot be compensated). We will always endeavour our best to send you your kpop goods in the best condition.

    Restock date
    June 27, 2023

    Track List
    01. NO F.U.N
    02. 아주 NICE
    03. 힐링
    04. SIMPLE
    05. 끝이 안보여
    06. 엄지척
    07. 예쁘다
    08. 이놈의 인기
    09. 유행가
    10. Say Yes
    11. 떠내려가
    12. 아낀다 (Vocal Team Ver.)
    13. 만.세 (Hiphop Team Ver.)
    14. Shining Diamond (Performance Team Ver.)
    15. 사랑쪽지 (Love Letter)

    - Photobook: 152p / 1 ea
    - Polaroid Photocard: 3 ea
    - Sticker: 2 ea

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    *Pre-order benefit will be given according to availability.