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    TREASURE - 2nd Full Album [REBOOT] (YG TAG ALBUM Ver.)

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    Product Description

    Please note:
    The outer case/box is simply for protecting the goods.
    (Damages such as scratches or discolouration on the album case/box cannot be compensated). We will always endeavour our best to send you your kpop goods in the best condition.

    Photocard(Random 1 out of 10)

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    Release date
    July 28, 2023

    Track List

    (Content may vary according to versions)

    - SLEEVE: 1 ea
    - CASE: 1 ea
    - TAG LP: 1 Type / Random 1 out of 10, 4 COLORS
    - PHOTOCARDS: Random 5 out of 20
    - SELFIE PHOTOCARD: Random 1 out of 10
    - FRONT&BACK PHOTOCARD: 1 type / Random 1 out of 10
    - MANUAL PAPER: 1 ea

    [Pre-order Benefit]
    *Pre-order benefit will be given according to availability.