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    tripleS - 1st Full Album [ASSEMBLE24] (QR Ver.)

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    Product Description

    Please note:
    The outer case/box is simply for protecting the goods.
    (Damages such as scratches or discolouration on the album case/box cannot be compensated). We will always endeavour our best to send you your kpop goods in the best condition.

    Release date
    May 9th, 2024

    Track List

    Postcard Set : 77 X 113 (mm) / 24 ea (1 set)
    Accordion Postcard : 1001 X 113 (mm) / Double Sided / 1 Ver.
    Track List Postcard : 77 X 113 (mm) / 1 Ver.
    QR Card : 77 X 113 (mm) / 1 Ver.

    Pre-order Benefit
    *Pre-order benefit will be given according to availability.