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    Kindly note that the price listed is for a single unit of an album, unless denoted with the word "[SET]"

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    Product Description

    Please note:
    The outer case/box is simply for protecting the goods.
    (Damages such as scratches or discolouration on the album case/box cannot be compensated). We will always endeavour our best to send you your kpop goods in the best condition.


    Release date
    May 2nd, 2024

    Track List

    Packages (1x random version ONLY)
    Photostand Package + Sleeve : 85 X 130 (mm) / 1 ea
    QR Card : 55 X 85 (mm) / Random 1 out of 9 per single version
    Photocard : 55 X 85 (mm) / Random 2 out of 9 per single version
    Sticker : 70 X 90 (mm) / 2 ea per version
    Digital Contents
    User Guide : 55 X 85 (mm) / 1 ea

    Pre-order Benefit
    *Pre-order benefit will be given according to availability.